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Photos from Awards Day Finals 2019
We were treated to a wonderful afternoon of outstanding performances across all age groups, with much talent on show.
Our Adjudicator for the Finals was Ross Hamllton - a difficult job with such amazing performances. 
We were treated to some beautiful Piano performances,
including an improvised Jazz performance, Violin performances and a
Vocalist who drew us in so much with her silences as much as her voice.
Beautiful work from everyone, in such a varied programme.

The results:
Junior Musicianship Award: Isabelle Pannell (Viiolin)
Junior Awards: Ruiyang Xu, Jasmine Zhi, Lucy Miller, Anna Chua (Violin)

Roger Woodward Award: Amelia Mak (Violin)
Outstanding Single Performance of a Piece: Chloe Leung (Donated by Neta Maughn)
Encouragement Awards: Ashleigh Wong, Theodore Qian, Laura Washscmann (Vocal), Chloe Leung

President’s Encouragement Award: Ashwin Sarkar (Jazz Improvisation)

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  1. Head to Head
    Head to Head
    Our heads come in all shapes and sizes so we measured and compared.
  2. TTT 28 June 2019
    TTT 28 June 2019
    In this Teachers Talking Together we explored how and why stress occurs in our bodies and talk about ways to help recognise and alleviate it
  3. Releasing tension
    Releasing tension
    By carefully moving Sue's arm enough tension was able to be released to give Sue an extra couple of cms along with a feeling of greater relaxation.
  4. Now to our hands
    Now to our hands
    The most important component of our profession - learning all about our hands. What fun we had measuring and making straw hands
A Word from the President
I have the great honour and privilege to have been elected as President this year 2019. I have been a member for some time and have only recently begun to participate more actively in the activities of the organisation. as I realise how beneficial it is for us as teachers and for our students. It takes  will and decisive action to participate and I'd like to call on all our members to take an active role in your organisation.

One of the greatest challenges we face as instrumental teachers is the isolation from our colleagues for the most of our working lives. I was a teacher in Primary schools for many years (including some time in Special Education)  and the support and camaraderie of other teachers was vital to both my motivation and my ability to plan for and then try to deliver quality education for the students. My best friends are still colleagues I taught with from over those 30 years. When I left school teaching to take on Full time instrumental teaching it was a difficult time initially, but I spent many years at the helm of a large Music School and became more convinced than ever of the need for us teachers to get together and talk and share and learn from each and provide opportunities for mentoring. I have kept in contact now with many of those teachers as well.

Being part of an organisation like UMT gives teachers exactly the opportunities for support, learning and sharing that are available in organisations like schools . The students also benefit from our associations and  interactions.

I would like to draw your attention back to the 3 pronged vision for UMT which was formulated nearly 40 years ago, when Roger Woodward also saw this need existing, and began efforts to get teachers and their students together, with Nancy Salas spearheading the organisation. There is not a single thing I would change about the 3 vision statements of UMT. Think about how profound ands relevant they still are for us!

It is a real challenge however for an organisation to pull together when all the members are individuals all in different locations.  But that's exactly what our goal is. And we want you to join us to make our profession recognisable, valued and able to deliver strong outcomes in the learning of music. We KNOW from so much scientific research just how valuable Music is to our well being on all levels and all ages, so we have an excellent base to begin.

If you haven't joined UMT yet, then I'd encourage you to do so and then to come along and find like minded people you can share and learn from. And provide your students with opportunities to see and hear others in Performances which are sometimes competitive and other times purely for the enjoyment of us all.  But it doesn't stop there because staying part of a community like this can extend even to when you're retired from teaching. We can and should all learn from each other, and should especially draw on the wealth of knowledge and experience of thos who have retired whilst picking up the enthusiasm and ideas of our younger members.

I would not be able to carry on this wonderful work if it weren't for my predecessors.
 I'd like to say Thank You firstly to the outgoing President of the past 5 years, Felicity Martin,  for all her efforts in the organisation. There's also a very special thanks to Margaret McMurtry who has been part of the backbone of the organisation for many many years.

Our new committee has a mixture of old and newer office bearers with a variety of strengths. For instance I am a 'Big Picture" person and we have the details focussed members who can hone in filling in the picture. Then there are the experienced members who will guide us through the past into the future and the new members who bring renewed enthusiasm.
The other committee members for this year are Fotini Stavridis continuing as Vice President,  Sue Calabrese - Secretary (and Convenor for North West Region) , Yiennur Lisa (our trusty Treasurer), Leah Hanchard - the new Membership Officer and Felicity Martin - representing North Shore Region.

We look forward to seeing you at some of our events. We have much planned and we need your attendance - and input. We hope you can forge friendships and a great support network.

Margaret Greig